Stop making excuses and start writing.

In an effort to make myself write more I listed my writing excuses and then tried to debunk them. I have this list posted everywhere and I think it has helped.

If you are having trouble being consistent with your writing maybe you should make your own list.


Why don’t I write every day,

what is holding me back from this dream

that I have and that I think about everyday

but I don’t actually commit myself to doing?

Fear of doing it wrong

So what if I do it wrong, I need to do it in order to…

Can you keep going when someone is holding you down?

My husband wants to fight with me.

He starts an argument and it lasts for hours into the night.

I get four hours of sleep and then wake up at six in the morning to write.

He wakes up and tries to start a fight again.

I’m mentally exhausted.

I’m physically exhausted.

I’m not getting enough sleep.

He puts his perceived notions on me and wants me to pay for them.

I am.

I have.

I always will.

So how do I write?

How can I keep going when I am so drained and I have no motivation?

Up until…

Maybe just enough to write.

I daydream instead of writing. It gets me in trouble, I don’t get a lot of writing done, but I do have a vivid imagination.

I could daydream all day. The problem is I lack focus. Does that make me just a daydreamer or a writer?

I can be obsessed with one thing all day. Like one day I became obsessed with us winning the lottery and I looked at which houses we would buy on All day long I did this. I do that about once a month.

Then the obsession with an object that I just think…

Give it a rest so the creative juices can flow at maximum capacity.

Do you ever get that feeling that you just can’t anymore? No more thinking. You are done for the day!

But you have that lengthy article to write and you haven’t even started on your daily word count for your novel so you can’t stop now.

What are you to do when your mind is mush?

Give your right grey matter a change of scenery and use the other side for a bit.

Do something physical. Do the dishes, take a walk, turn on some music and dance, go get the mail.

Then come back to that right-brain activity.


Take the fear out of writing and create your Art.

I’m a fraud. I’m no good at this writing thing. I’ll never be that writer.

It’s so easy to think, why should I even bother writing, there are so many better writers than me, why should I put myself out there.

Why should I embarrass myself? Why should I even try I’ll never be as good as them?

Don’t you think they started somewhere? Maybe they started when they were young and improved their craft with their age. But everyone started from the beginning, just like you.

“It’s easy to imagine that real artists know what they’re doing, and that…

My take on writer’s block.

I got it. Right now. I’ve got writer’s block.

Even though I don’t believe in it. Because I really do have a lot to say. I’m just extremely tired, I want to take a nap, I don’t want to write right now.

But that’s not writer’s block. So I’m forcing myself to speak, basically to myself.

Actually, I’m talking to my phone right now. I’m talking to my phone and sending myself an email. (Read more about what I mean by that here.)

And so far, I didn’t want to write, maybe it is writer’s block, but I’ve got a…

Email yourself your writing, use speech to text, no typing needed.

I used to open a Word doc on my laptop and write. That's the old 1998 way of doing it. Wait, wait, wait, I forgot another step, I would turn my laptop on, wait five or ten minutes for it to boot up, then open Word and type. Usually, I would get distracted while waiting for my ancient technology to wake up. I'd have to pry myself away from whatever time-wasting I was doing on my phone and if I was successful at that I would write.

Once done I would back it up to both OneDrive and Google Drive…

Photo by John Jennings on Unsplash

I’ve been thinking for months about what to do for my husband for our one year anniversary. I think cooking his favorite meal will help make the evening feel a little more special. Money has been tight so I’ve come up with an idea that he’ll like.

The little book store in town is small but it might have what I need. As I browse through I find a beautiful little notebook that fits the bill, but it doesn't have a price on it. I bring it to the front and ask the silver-haired woman how much it costs.


A stream-of-consciousness exercise for creating your characters.

Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

Sometimes when I sit down to write, my brain feels like a jumbled mess. It’s as if I just drank 10 cups of coffee and someone grabbed ahold of my head and shook it for 10 minutes. Trying to write when I feel that way is painful.

I’ve tried a few times to fill out a character worksheet, creating a character from nothing doesn’t work for me. I have found something that works well for me for creating character backstories that form the characters nicely.

A stream-of-consciousness exercise is not only good to help clear the clutter, it’s also like…

Andi Lutz

Sometimes I write, sometimes I edit what I write, but mostly I daydream, and fantasize about writing.⁣⁣⁣⁣ *My posts may contain affiliate links*

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