Dreams mean so much more

An interpretation and a life change

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It’s our brain trying to work out our problems. I recalled a dream I had last night. It bothered me, I remembered the details and I was confused. When this happens I Google dream meanings and try to figure out what is going on in my head.

For this dream I was driving and my husband was pointing out roads I could take. When I reached a deadend I turned around and missed the road we were supposed to take to a nice neighborhood and new house we might buy. Even though I hadn’t seen the area I had a feeling about it. It felt nice, upscale, some place anyone would want to live. Since I missed the turn I said, ‘Oh well, we’ll go this way and find the road. No big deal.’ Thinking we could explore and might find a house on the other side of the river. I knew the other side was the old downtown. But I didn’t know it was run down, dead, crime ridden. I took a wrong turn and we weren’t where we should be.

I tried to make the best of it.

Tried to find the road back to the nice neighborhood but couldn’t. I tried to talk myself and my husband into how charming the wrong side of town is. We could live in a loft. Or turn one of the old buildings into a house. Maybe not get shot.

We stopped at a restaurant, got yelled at by the host because we wanted to be seated in the nice area for the rich and successful people, who weren’t there, but instead got seated on a balcony that is falling down and overlooking the dirty water. We stare up at the platform meant to display the wealthy diners, just out of our reach. We leave without dining. Get back in our car and I don’t remember the rest.

Maybe I could have just turned around

and got on that road to the nice neighborhood instead of taking a leisurely drive. But that’s just not the kind of person I am. I coast around, no real direction, explore a little, I don’t have a plan.

And that is exactly what I think my brain is trying to tell me with this dream. I want that nice neighborhood, not literally, I don’t need it, but it would be nice. I think the neighborhood and the house represents success, goals, happiness. The same feelings I got from just thinking about the neighborhood in the dream.

I’ve never really had a plan in life, which is why I drove around with no urgency, or direct route, or appointment to look at the house. Just driving, over here, then over there, not knowing where I’ll end up next.

Now I feel lost in my real life.

I’m not twenty anymore. I need to grow up, I’m past due. I want that stable life, a successful career, a sense of self. I want to know who I am, I want to call that neighborhood my own. I want to not be yelled at by the host because even she knows just by looking at me that I belong on that falling down balcony.

I’ve never had a plan A, therefore I’ve never had a plan B. It’s time to make a plan A-Z, a direct route instead of drifting around aimlessly. Sure, it can be fun, but it’s time to get serious. About My Life.

What do you think? Do you remember your dreams? Do they mean something to you? Do you analyze them?

Sometimes I write, sometimes I edit what I write, but mostly I daydream, and fantasize about writing.⁣⁣⁣⁣ *My posts may contain affiliate links*

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