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  • Lukas Schwekendiek

    Lukas Schwekendiek

    Life Coach, Speaker, Writer. Published on TIME, Inc & Huffington Post.

  • ChristineH


    Oh, hi. I’m Christine and I’m an alcoholic in recovery. Well, I prefer “upcycling.” There’s not much behind me I want to recover. Be where you’re at.

  • Elizabeth Brus

    Elizabeth Brus

    Writer, mostly moody fiction and sometimes funny. Tutor, former teacher, former Peace Corps Lesotho 2005–2007.

  • Jolie Hepburn

    Jolie Hepburn

    INFJ, libra, empath, highly sensitive & emotional, reserved, stubborn, learning to be a better person. *My posts may contain affiliate links*

  • Andi Alice

    Andi Alice

    God loves you. You have a purpose. Be grateful. Be happy. *My posts may contain affiliate links*

  • Medium


    Everyone’s stories and ideas

  • Brianna Wiest

    Brianna Wiest

    Author of 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think, The Mountain Is You and others. Visit briannawiest.com to find my books and more.

  • Niklas Göke

    Niklas Göke

    I write for dreamers, doers, and unbroken optimists. For my best articles & book updates, go here: https://niklasgoeke.com/

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