This question created a challenge. I don’t like to think about myself much in a judging way. I try not to.

I could take the easy way out and say I have brown hair and blue eyes, I am emotional and caring. However, I’m not going to do that.

Really describing myself made me dig deep.

At first, I thought I am a person who will help anyone who is in need, except that’s not true.

Just Help Yourself

I believe almost everyone can help themselves, yet they choose not to. I am the type of person who would tell the people with a hand out to do it themselves, or I can show you, but I’m not going to do it for you. I’m a teach a man to fish type of person.

Then the question made me ask myself who I am and what I believe in.

The way I see myself, I think, is different than the way people see me. Others would describe me with only a surface level description. But I have much more to say about myself, of course.

A Fighter

I’m quiet and reserved, yes, yet if I need to, I will voice my opinion.

I will fight for what I believe in as long as I think it will make a difference or help someone.

I’m not afraid to go up against someone if there is an injustice.

Empathetic Empath

I am emotional, I can feel pain in others, I can put myself in their place, I am empathetic. This can be dangerous for me. I could spend all day being sad for others if I choose. I try not to do this because it would destroy me.

I have to be tough, I have to feel the emotion and then cut it off.

It is harder said than done. Watching the news is something I can't do. There is too much negativity there, and it consumes me. I have to be careful about what I am around because things will gnaw at me. If the lousy energy gets past the barriers I set up it will stick and I have a hard time shaking it.

Solver of Problems

I am a problem solver, my mind is always looking for a solution. To everything. I plan every step in my mind before I do it while I am doing something else.

I look for the best and most efficient way of doing things.

If something is not working for me, I try to create something that will. I try to find tricks or hacks to make things easier.

So, to describe myself in ten words or less I would say
I am an emotionally creative problem solver
-and I have three words left, so-
who loves chocolate.

I am an emotionally creative problem solver who loves chocolate.

That’s me.

In ten words or less, how would you describe yourself?

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