I Don’t Have The Best Advice On Writing

And I can’t tell you how to become a millionaire.

Andi Lutz
2 min readMay 25, 2021



But I do know that I have had this yearning to write ever since I was a child.

It does not go away.

It’s like a craving that I have.

I can feel that I need something, I have to have it.

I quit smoking ten years ago, so I can think that it’s that.

I need a smoke.

But I know it’s not that.

I can drink a glass of wine, and then another, and another.

But that only makes me tired and drunk.

That need is still there.

That craving is not quenched.

I can sit on my phone for hours and search for something, anything.

What I’m really searching for is inside me.

I waste time.

I waste my life.

I waste my purpose.

I waste my passion.

I am restless.

I refuse to give into my yearning.


I don’t know.

But if you are feeling that craving.

Give in to it.

Don’t wait 30 years like I did.

Learn from writers

And non-writers.

But don’t make learning an excuse for not writing.

Write even if you feel like you’re not good enough.

Write when you don’t feel like it.

Write and you will feel fulfilled.

You will need nothing.

Crave nothing.

No longer yearn.

You lived your purpose.

You are a writer.



Andi Lutz

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