I joined a writing group and every time we met we’d have to read someone else’s writing. I had flashbacks to when I was in school and had to go to the front of class and give a speech. I couldn’t fake a sickness this time. I monotone voiced my way through the reading and couldn’t even give feedback on what I just read because my brain wasn’t working, I was a nervous wreck.

Then in the same writing group I thought I would be helpful and start a website for them and was asked to present it to the small group. In my head I gave the presentation perfectly. In reality I had a panic attack while trying to show off the website I worked so hard on, the first one in my life. It sounded like I had just run a marathon, I could barely speak. I never went back to the writing group, I was too embarrassed and worried about what would happen next.

Bekk Escott as a creative writing student how do you deal with having to read your work in front of others, or do you not have to?

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