The Balance of Power (1922) Frank Xavier Leyendecker

Not Like My Father

A poem.

Andi Lutz
2 min readNov 8, 2021


My father and I are not close

But I am too much like him to not be

The parts of him I hate

Show up everyday inside me

I wonder who I’ve become

When I wasn’t raised by him

I only lived in his world

Been made to live by his rules

Unaware of who he was

Until I was grown enough

To have a mind of my own

Which women should not be allowed

Once I married I was given some respect

Not much, nothing really more than an ounce

I’m still a child, my mother’s child

Because my father always said he wanted boys

How strong of a woman can I be

Still holding on to this pain

As if it happened just yesterday

And it happens everyday

He decided to not act like my father

Instead he acts like a fool

Trying to teach the world a lesson

Yes, I’m sure dad

You have taught me that

To doubt myself so much

That the only words that fall out of my mouth

Are always right

I’m right and everyone else is wrong

Stupid world

Why didn’t they have you as a father to show them

He will never change

Man child



His faults have shown me one thing

Who I don’t want to be

I fight everyday against that person

I lose most days

But at least I fight



Andi Lutz

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