What To Write When You’ve Got Nothing To Say

My take on writer’s block.

Andi Lutz
2 min readDec 30, 2020



I got it. Right now. I’ve got writer’s block.

Even though I don’t believe in it. Because I really do have a lot to say. I’m just extremely tired, I want to take a nap, I don’t want to write right now.

But that’s not writer’s block. So I’m forcing myself to speak, basically to myself.

Actually, I’m talking to my phone right now. I’m talking to my phone and sending myself an email. (Read more about what I mean by that here.)

And so far, I didn’t want to write, maybe it is writer’s block, but I’ve got a lot down. That’s pretty good for having writer’s block.

Now that I got a some writing done I’m going to eat a cookie. Maybe my sugar is low.

The cookies are from Ikea, they have this heart-shaped cutout and it looks like they have chocolate in the middle, but it doesn’t taste much like chocolate.

If you want good chocolate get their coffee chocolate bar. Ok, I’ve just had three cookies and their recommended serving size is two measly cookies.

My sugar is probably through the roof from all the chocolate flavoring but none of the caffeine from real chocolate, so I better get started tearing down this writer’s block before I sugar crash.

Look at that, more writing through writer’s block, horribly written, meandering writing. But it is something.

I wrote through not wanting to write, not feeling like I have anything important to say, and being tired enough that I thought I’d fall asleep sitting up.

My point is that writer’s block doesn’t exist. You can write. It can suck. It can make no sense. You can feel no creative juices flowing but you can still produce something.

And the more you produce something, the more your writer brain will be able to create, anytime, anywhere, and it will get better and easier.

I can’t hop out of the shower, lathered hair and all, and start typing, dripping wet and perched on the toilet, just because that’s when my creative juices start flowing. (Not on the toilet, well sometimes, but usually while I’m in the shower. And then they are all gone once I dry off and step out.)

If you train your brain and yourself to just write no matter what, then eventually that brain and your self will become a professional writer, not a hobby writer, who only talks about it and daydreams about it.

Now get to work writing crap!



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