Write Now

by Andi Lutz

I woke up early, the sun wasn’t even up. The house was silent, except for the hum of the heater, everyone was still asleep, even the dogs. I shuffled into the kitchen with the cold floor chilling my feet and pulled my robe tighter as I looked for a mug for some tea.

This is what I love, alone time, quiet time, me time. This gives me a sense of getting a jump on the day and makes me feel like I can accomplish everything that needs to be done. I could write that novel, if I just got up this early every day. If the bed wasn’t so warm and cozy, and I wasn’t so tired.

These are the hours of the morning when things get done. I wake up thinking that and being gung-ho and then I get stuck on something. My website needs to be tweaked. Or someone who is verified on Twitter followed me, so I have to look at it, then I can’t stop looking at it, then I should check Instagram, and might as well check Facebook. Then I need to post something on all social media sites. Oh, I should stop, I need to write. I’ll do it after I’m done making contacts with people I will never meet, or talk to, or tweet to, or comment, or whatever that special word is for this silliness. But it’s important and I have to do it. It’s work. But without my writing what am I doing all this for?

That’s the question. And the answer is procrastination. I am the expert and listen to me when I tell you all of these meaningless distractions should stop. Your writing is the most important above the social media trap that we all get caught in. Write first then tweet, share, like, and follow your little heart out. But put yourself and your writing before your distractions.

Write right now, not write later, later you will never write because later is always never.

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On Writing


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